SwiftUI Essentials – iOS 15 Edition

  1. Introduction to SwiftUI Essentials
  2. An Introduction to Swift Structures
  3. An Introduction to Swift Property Wrappers
  4. An Overview of SwiftUI
  5. Using Xcode in SwiftUI Mode
  6. SwiftUI Architecture
  7. The Anatomy of a Basic SwiftUI Project
  8. Creating Custom Views with SwiftUI
  9. SwiftUI Stacks and Frames
  10. Working with SwiftUI State, Observable and Environment Objects
  11. A SwiftUI Example Tutorial
  12. An Overview of Swift Structured Concurrency
  13. An Introduction to Swift Actors
  14. SwiftUI Lifecycle Event Modifiers
  15. SwiftUI Observable and Environment Objects – A Tutorial
  16. SwiftUI Data Persistence using AppStorage and SceneStorage
  17. SwiftUI Stack Alignment and Alignment Guides
  18. SwiftUI Lists and Navigation
  19. A SwiftUI List and Navigation Tutorial
  20. An Overview of SwiftUI List, OutlineGroup and DisclosureGroup
  21. A SwiftUI List, OutlineGroup and DisclosureGroup Tutorial
  22. Building SwiftUI Grids with LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid
  23. Building Tabbed Views in SwiftUI
  24. Building Context Menus in SwiftUI
  25. Basic SwiftUI Graphics Drawing
  26. SwiftUI Animation and Transitions
  27. Working with Gesture Recognizers in SwiftUI
  28. Creating a Customized SwiftUI ProgressView
  29. An Overview of SwiftUI DocumentGroup Scenes
  30. A SwiftUI DocumentGroup Tutorial
  31. An Introduction to Core Data and SwiftUI
  32. A SwiftUI Core Data Tutorial
  33. An Overview of SwiftUI Core Data and CloudKit Storage
  34. A SwiftUI Core Data and CloudKit Tutorial
  35. An Introduction to SwiftUI and SiriKit
  36. A SwiftUI SiriKit Tutorial
  37. Customizing the SiriKit Intent User Interface
  38. A SwiftUI SiriKit NSUserActivity Tutorial
  39. An Overview of SwiftUI Siri Shortcut Integration
  40. A SwiftUI Siri Shortcut Tutorial
  41. Building Widgets with SwiftUI and WidgetKit
  42. A SwiftUI WidgetKit Tutorial
  43. Supporting WidgetKit Size Families in SwiftUI
  44. A SwiftUI WidgetKit Deep Link Tutorial
  45. Adding Configuration Options to a WidgetKit Widget
  46. Integrating UIViews with SwiftUI
  47. Integrating UIViewControllers with SwiftUI
  48. Integrating SwiftUI with UIKit