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The goal of this book is to teach the skills necessary to build iOS 13 applications using SwiftUI, Xcode 11 and the Swift 5 programming language.

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Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials provides in-depth information on the installation, use and administration of Ubuntu 20.04.

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  • An Android MotionLayout KeyCycle Tutorial
    The previous chapters introduced and demonstrated the concepts of integrating animation into Android app user interfaces using the MotionLayout container combined with the features of the Android Studio MotionLayout editor. The chapter entitled “An Introduction to MotionLayout” briefly mentioned the cycle (KeyCycle) and time cycle (KeyTimeCycle) key frames and explained how these can be used … “Welcome to Answertopia”Read more
  • An Android MotionLayout Editor Tutorial
    Now that the basics of MotionLayout have been covered, this chapter will provide an opportunity to try out MotionLayout in an example project. In addition to continuing to explore the main features of MotionLayout, this chapter will also introduce the MotionLayout editor and explore how it can be used to visually construct and modify MotionLayout … “Welcome to Answertopia”Read more
  • An Introduction to Android MotionLayout
    The MotionLayout class provides an easy way to add animation effects to the views of a user interface layout. This chapter will begin by providing an overview of MotionLayout and introduce the concepts of MotionScenes, Transitions and Keyframes. Once these basics have been covered, the next two chapters (entitled “An Android MotionLayout Editor Tutorial” and … “Welcome to Answertopia”Read more
  • Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials
    Introduction – Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials The History of Linux and Ubuntu Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on a Clean Disk Drive Installing Ubuntu 20.04 with the Network Installer Dual Booting Ubuntu 20.04 with Windows Allocating Windows Disk Partitions to Ubuntu 20.04 A Guided Tour of the Ubuntu 20.04 GNOME 3 Desktop An Overview of the Ubuntu 20.04 … “Welcome to Answertopia”Read more
  • Ubuntu 20.04 System and Process Monitoring
    An important part of running and administering an Ubuntu system involves monitoring the overall system health in terms of memory, swap, storage and processor usage. This includes knowing how to inspect and manage both the system and user processes that are running in the background. This chapter will outline some of the tools and utilities … “Welcome to Answertopia”Read more