Android Studio Giraffe Essentials – Kotlin Edition

  1. Installing Android Studio
  2. An Android Studio Tutorial
  3. Creating an Android Virtual Device (AVD) in Android Studio
  4. Using and Configuring the Android Studio AVD Emulator
  5. A Tour of the Android Studio User Interface
  6. Testing Android Studio Apps on a Physical Android Device
  7. The Basics of the Android Studio Code Editor
  8. Android Architecture Overview
  9. Understanding Android App Structure
  10. An Overview of Android View Binding
  11. Android App and Activity Lifecycles
  12. Android Activity State Changes
  13. Android Activity State Changes Tutorial
  14. Saving and Restoring the State of an Android Activity
  15. Android Views, View Groups, and Layouts
  16. A Guide to the Android Studio Layout Editor Tool
  17. A Guide to the Android ConstraintLayout
  18. Using ConstraintLayout in Android Studio
  19. ConstraintLayout Chains and Ratios in Android Studio
  20. An Android Studio Layout Editor ConstraintLayout Tutorial
  21. Manual XML Layout Design in Android Studio
  22. Android Constraint Sets
  23. An Android ConstraintSet Tutorial
  24. Android Studio Version Catalogs
  25. Using Apply Changes in Android Studio
  26. An Android Event Handling Tutorial
  27. Android Touch and Multi-touch Event Handling
  28. An Android GestureDetectorCompat Class Tutorial
  29. Android Custom Gesture and Pinch Recognition Tutorials
  30. A Guide to Android Fragments
  31. An Android Studio Fragment Tutorial
  32. Modern Android App Architecture with Jetpack
  33. An Android Studio ViewModel Tutorial
  34. An Android Studio LiveData Tutorial
  35. Data Binding in Android Studio
  36. An Android Studio Data Binding Tutorial
  37. An Android ViewModel Saved State Tutorial
  38. An Android Lifecycle Awareness Tutorial
  39. The Android Navigation Architecture Component
  40. An Android Studio Navigation Component Tutorial
  41. MotionLayout in Android Studio
  42. An Android Studio MotionLayout Tutorial
  43. An Android Studio MotionLayout KeyCycle Tutorial
  44. An Android Floating Action Button and Snackbar Tutorial
  45. An Android Studio TabLayout Tutorial
  46. Android RecyclerView and CardView Overview
  47. An Android Studio RecyclerView Tutorial
  48. The Android AppBar and CollapsingToolbar Layouts
  49. An Android Intents Overview
  50. An Android Explicit Intents Tutorial
  51. An Android Implicit Intent Tutorial
  52. Android Broadcast Intents and Broadcast Receivers
  53. A Guide to Kotlin Coroutines
  54. A Kotlin Coroutines Tutorial
  55. An Overview of Android Services
  56. Android Local Bound Service Tutorial
  57. An Android Remote Bound Service Tutorial
  58. Kotlin Flow Guide
  59. An Android Studio SharedFlow Tutorial
  60. SQLite Databases in Android Studio
  61. Using the Android Room Persistence Library
  62. An Android Studio TableLayout and TableRow Tutorial
  63. An Android Studio Room Database Tutorial
  64. An Android Studio VideoView and MediaController Tutorial
  65. Adding Picture-in-Picture Support to Android Apps
  66. An Android Studio Picture-in-Picture Tutorial
  67. An Android Permission Requests Tutorial
  68. An Android Studio Audio Recording Tutorial
  69. An Android Studio Notifications Tutorial
  70. An Android Studio Direct Reply Notification Tutorial
  71. An Android Studio Google Maps Android Tutorial
  72. The Android Printing Framework
  73. An Android Studio HTML and Web Printing Example
  74. An Android Studio Custom Printing Tutorial
  75. A Guide to Android App Links
  76. An Android Studio App Links Tutorial
  77. An Android Studio Biometric Tutorial
  78. An Android Studio In-App Purchasing Tutorial
  79. An Android Material Design 3 Theming and Dynamic Color Tutorial
  80. An Android Studio Material Design 3 Theming and Dynamic Color Tutorial