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Software Development

SwiftUI Data Persistence using AppStorage and SceneStorage

SwiftUI Data Persistence using AppStorage and SceneStorage

It is a common requirement for an app to need to store small amounts of data which will persist through app restarts. This is particularly useful for storing user preference settings, or when …
SwiftUI Observable and Environment Objects – A Tutorial

SwiftUI Observable and Environment Objects – A Tutorial

The chapter entitled “SwiftUI State Properties, Observable, State and Environment Objects” introduced the concept of observable and environment objects and explained how these are used to implement …
SwiftUI Lifecycle Event Modifiers

SwiftUI Lifecycle Event Modifiers

One of the key strengths of SwiftUI is that, through use of features such as views, state properties and observable objects, much of the work required in making sure an app handles lifecycle changes …
A SwiftUI Example Tutorial

A SwiftUI Example Tutorial

Now that some of the fundamentals of SwiftUI development have been covered, this chapter will begin to put this theory into practice through the design and implementation of an example SwiftUI based …

Operating Systems

Using the Bash Shell on Ubuntu 20.04

An important part of learning to work with Ubuntu, and Linux distributions in general, involves gaining proficiency in working in the shell environment. While the graphical desktop environments such …

An Overview of the Ubuntu 20.04 Cockpit Web Interface

Although it comes equipped with the latest in Linux desktop environments, Ubuntu is very much a server operating system and, as such, the majority of Ubuntu deployments will either be to remote …

A Guided Tour of the Ubuntu 20.04 GNOME 3 Desktop

Ubuntu 20.04 includes the GNOME 3 desktop environment. Although lacking the complexity of Windows and macOS desktops, GNOME 3 provides an uncluttered and intuitive desktop environment that provides …

Allocating Windows Disk Partitions to Ubuntu 20.04

In the previous chapter we looked at how to install Ubuntu on the same disk as Windows. This so called “dual boot” configuration allows the user to have both operating systems installed on a single …

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