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Software Development

A SwiftUI SiriKit Tutorial

A SwiftUI SiriKit Tutorial

The previous chapter covered much of the theory associated with integrating Siri into an iOS app. This chapter will review the example Siri messaging extension that is created by Xcode when a new …
An Introduction to SwiftUI and SiriKit

An Introduction to SwiftUI and SiriKit

Although Siri has been part of iOS for a number of years, it was not until the introduction of iOS 10 that some of the power of Siri was made available to app developers through SiriKit. Initially …
A SwiftUI DocumentGroup Tutorial

A SwiftUI DocumentGroup Tutorial

The previous chapter provided an introduction to the DocumentGroup scene type provided with SwiftUI and explored the architecture that makes it possible to add document browsing and management to …
An Overview of SwiftUI DocumentGroup Scenes

An Overview of SwiftUI DocumentGroup Scenes

The chapter entitled “SwiftUI Architecture” introduced the concept of SwiftUI scenes and explained that the SwiftUI framework, in addition to allowing you to build your own scenes, also includes two …

Operating Systems

Installing KVM Virtualization on Ubuntu 20.04

Earlier versions of Ubuntu provided two virtualization platforms in the form of Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and Xen. In recent releases, support for Xen has been removed leaving KVM as the …

An Overview of Ubuntu 20.04 Virtualization Techniques

Virtualization is generically defined as the ability to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single computer system. While not necessarily a new concept, Virtualization has come to …

Sharing Files between Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows Systems with Samba

Although Linux has made some inroads into the desktop market, its origins and future are very much server-based. It is not surprising therefore that Ubuntu has the ability to act as a file server. …

Using NFS to Share Ubuntu 20.04 Files with Remote Systems

Ubuntu provides two mechanisms for sharing files and folders with other systems on a network. One approach is to use technology called Samba. Samba is based on Microsoft Windows Folder Sharing and …

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