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SwiftUI Architecture

SwiftUI Architecture

A completed SwiftUI app is constructed from multiple components which are assembled in a hierarchical manner. Before embarking on the creation of even the most basic of SwiftUI projects, it is useful …
Using Xcode in SwiftUI Mode

Using Xcode in SwiftUI Mode

When creating a new project, Xcode now provides a choice of creating either a Storyboard or SwiftUI-based user interface for the project. When creating a SwiftUI project, Xcode appears and behaves …

An Overview of SwiftUI

Now that Xcode has been installed and the basics of the Swift programing language covered, it is time to start introducing SwiftUI. First announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in 2019, …

An Introduction to Swift Property Wrappers

Now that the topics of Swift classes and structures have been covered, this chapter will introduce a related topic in the form of property wrappers. Introduced in Swift 5.1, property wrappers provide …

Operating Systems

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