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SwiftUI Concurrency and Lifecycle Event Modifiers

SwiftUI Concurrency and Lifecycle Event Modifiers

One of the key strengths of SwiftUI is that, through the use of features such as views, state properties, and observable objects, much of the work required in making sure an app handles lifecycle …

An Introduction to Swift Actors

Structured concurrency in Swift provides a powerful platform for performing multiple tasks at the same time, greatly increasing app performance and responsiveness. One of the downsides of concurrency …

An Overview of Swift Structured Concurrency

Concurrency can be defined as the ability of software to perform multiple tasks in parallel. Many app development projects will need to make use of concurrent processing at some point and concurrency …
A SwiftUI Example Tutorial

A SwiftUI Example Tutorial

Now that some of the fundamentals of SwiftUI development have been covered, this chapter will begin to put this theory into practice through the design and implementation of an example SwiftUI-based …

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