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Software Development

An Overview of Swift Structured Concurrency

Concurrency can be defined as the ability of software to perform multiple tasks in parallel. Many app development projects will need to make use of concurrent processing at some point and …
A SwiftUI Example Tutorial

A SwiftUI Example Tutorial

Now that some of the fundamentals of SwiftUI development have been covered, this chapter will begin to put this theory into practice through the design and implementation of an example SwiftUI-based …
SwiftUI State Properties, Observable, State and Environment Objects

SwiftUI State Properties, Observable, State and Environment Objects

Earlier chapters have described how SwiftUI emphasizes a data driven approach to app development whereby the views in the user interface are updated in response to changes in the underlying data …
SwiftUI Stacks and Frames

SwiftUI Stacks and Frames

User interface design is largely a matter of selecting the appropriate interface components, deciding how those views will be positioned on the screen, and then implementing navigation between the …

Operating Systems

Introduction – Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials

Ubuntu is arguably one of the most highly regarded and widely used Linux distributions available today. Praised both for its ease of use and reliability, Ubuntu also has a loyal following of Linux …

Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials

Introduction – Ubuntu 20.04 Essentials The History of Linux and Ubuntu Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on a Clean Disk Drive Installing Ubuntu 20.04 with the Network Installer Dual Booting Ubuntu 20.04 with …