Google Has Deprecated the IntentService Class

As of Android API 30 (otherwise known as Android 11) the IntentService class has been deprecated. Provided since Android API 3, the purpose of IntentService was to allow asynchronous tasks to be performed without blocking the main thread.

The deprecation is one of a number of steps introduced starting with Android 8.0 (API 26) to limit the actions that can be performed while an app is in the background. This is a concept broadly referred to by Google as “Background Execution Limits”. The main goal of these changes is to prevent background services from degrading the overall performance of the system in terms of resource use (CPU, memory etc) and battery life.

Going forward, background services should be implemented using job scheduling. Developers using IntentServices in their apps should now consider moving to JobIntentService. JobIntentService provides a helper for working with the JobScheduler API and allows IntentService dependent code to be migrated to the job scheduling API with minimal code changes.